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Now you can perform LIVE on your terms without waiting hours for your name to be called in an open mic lottery, barking in front of the clubs for hours, commuting for hours, sacrificing time with your family, or having to bribe your friends to buy tickets and succumb to a two-drink minimum. Connect and perform LIVE for your fans no matter where you are.

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Watch your favorite comedians LIVE without driving, searching for a parking spot, hiring babysitters, increasing ticket prices, and going into debt to meet the two-drink minimums!¬†Tell us your favorite types of comedy and we’ll recommend comedians that will tickle your funny bone. Discover and connect with comedians LIVE around the globe.

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At Plauzzable, we're committed to providing you with a LIVE interactive entertainment platform to help you give and get much-needed laughs. Whether you're on a lunch break, winding down on a weeknight, or looking for some weekend entertainment, our LIVE comedians have you covered. And if you're a comedian, this is an opportunity to share your humor with the world - anytime, anywhere - LIVE.
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