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Leanne Linsky – Founder and CEO

Originally from Waukegan, Illinois, Leanne studied comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade (NY/LA), the Magnet Theater (NY), The Second City (Las Vegas), and IO Chicago (Chicago). She was cast in commercials, theater, and film, including a role in the award-winning film The Smiley Face Killers, Los Angeles Thriller Film Fest winner for Best Documentary Thriller.

Leanne wrote, performed, and produced her critically acclaimed one-woman show at The Peoples Improv Theater in New York, and then in the Capital Fringe in DC, Fringe Wilmington in DE, and again in NY for the United Solo Festival. She produced and hosted an open mic for over seven years and produced and hosted a weekly stand-up show in New York’s East Village. In 2015 she moved to Long Beach, CA where she continued producing weekly stand up shows and co-hosted the Life Lafter Divorce podcast. Leanne now hosts weekly online open mics on Plauzzable. Leanne’s actor profile can be viewed here.


While Leanne is serious about comedy, there’s no funny business when it comes to helping others. During her time in New York, she volunteered as a performer and instructor with Cherub Improv (501c3) and as a TV show host with KIDZONE TV at Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai. Leanne currently volunteers as event co-host and web designer for Love Beyond Limits, a 501c3 organization in Long Beach, CA  whose purpose is to provide exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities for tweens/teens.

Leanne is a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has earned a Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Irvine.


Comedy Lovers Welcome

As a performer, I understand the importance of practice, feedback, and community. Let’s face it, nothing will be as magical as a live in-person mic. BUT, there is something uniquely magical about the ability to connect with people around the world from the comfort of our own homes. In August 2019, I created Online Open Mic to do just that.

After moving to the West Coast in December 2014, I missed my comedy colleagues and considered setting up a Skype mic, but well, it was Skype. The idea continued to roll around my head and 5 years (August 2019) later I began inviting fellow comedians to join her on Zoom. Some people thought it was crazy and then 7 months later COVID happened (THAT’s crazy!).

So here we are. We’re still connecting, sharing comedy, and laughing.

I’m excited to say that we will be launching a new platform in the Fall of 2022. We look forward to connecting comedians and their fans in a whole new format.

Give and get laughs from anywhere!

I hope you join us.

Love & Laughter,

"History never really says goodbye. History says, 'See you later.'" - Eduardo Galeano

Ever since I created my first comedy open mic, Casual Sketch, way back in 2007, I’ve found great joy in the writing process and even greater joy in sharing it. Open mic forums have given me a new perspective, new friends, and lots of laughs over the years. I hope my online open mics do the same for you.


A lot has changed since my former comedy partner and I started Casual Sketch as a monthly open mic for sketch comedy at Magnet Theater. A few months into it, my comedy partner turned over the mic to me and as the years went on, the mic evolved into a weekly platform for character monologues, storytelling, and eventually, stand up.

Here’s a fun timeline:


July 2007. Casual Sketch was born! It was a monthly open mic for sketch comedy at Magnet Theater in New York City.


November 2011. Our mic became a weekly event and moved to Identity Bar in the East Village where it stayed there until Identity Bar’s unexpected closure in November 2013.


December 2013. New York’s M.White Bar and Dixon Place Lounge, welcomed Casual Sketch with open arms.


January 2014. Casual Sketch continued at M.White Bar and made a couple of appearances at Dixon Place Lounge. Casual Showcase, our produced show, premiered at M.White Bar on January 20, 2014.


July 2014. Eventually, everything changed once more and we moved Casual Sketch and Casual Showcase to Casa Humo in July 2014 where we stayed until our final show in New York in November 2014.


November 2014. Casual Sketch, Casual Showcase, and Casa Humo all came to an end in NYC. Leanne relocated to the West Coast.


November 2015. Leanne begins producing Casual Comedy at the Apostrophe Bookstore in Long Beach, CA.


February 2016. Apostrophe Bookstore closed up shop. Casual Comedy moved to Polly’s Coffee for two sold-out shows before ending its run that same month.


August 2019. Our in-person show, Casual Comedy, morphs into an online open mic called Online Open Mic.


March, 2020. COVID happened.


October 2021. Online Open Mic ends and Plauzzable, Inc. is formed.

November 2022. The new platform is scheduled to launch.