10 Reasons Why Every Comedian Should Enter a Comedy Contest

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Comedy contests seem to be everywhere these days. Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity?


Entering comedy contests can be a valuable and rewarding experience for up-and-coming comedians. Here are ten reasons why participating in comedy contests can be beneficial for your career:

1. Exposure:

  • - Comedy contests often attract a diverse audience, including industry professionals such as talent scouts, agents, and producers. Winning or even just performing well in a contest can significantly increase your visibility within the comedy community. The exposure extends beyond those who were in attendance. The venue typically announces winners on social media and in email campaigns, in addition to any other marketing channels they use. Maximize the benefits of social media exposure by reposting, liking, and commenting on it. Maximize the email by forwarding it to industry professionals.
  • 2. Networking Opportunities:
  • - Comedy contests provide a platform for you to connect with fellow comedians, industry insiders, and comedy enthusiasts. Building relationships within the comedy community can open doors to future gigs, collaborations, and other opportunities. No industry professionals at the event? Meet and mingle with fellow comedians and even audience members. You never know who’s looking to book someone just like YOU in their show or at their upcoming work event!
  • 3. Feedback and Improvement:
  • - Competing in a contest exposes you to different audience reactions and allows you to receive constructive feedback from judges and peers. This feedback can be invaluable for honing your craft, identifying strengths, and addressing areas for improvement. Every performance opportunity is exactly that - an opportunity!
  • 4. Pressure and Resilience:
  • - Performing in a contest puts you under pressure to deliver your best material and showcase your unique comedic style. This experience helps you develop resilience, adaptability, and the ability to handle the challenges that come with live performances.
  • 5. Credibility and Validation:
  • - Winning or even being a finalist in a reputable comedy contest can add credibility to your name and act as a validation of your comedic skills. This recognition can make it easier to secure future gigs and opportunities. Yeah, put that big win on your comedy resume!
  • 6. Material Testing:
  • - As a general rule, we often recommend that comics use tried and true material for shows and/or competitions. However, depending on your goals or just how badly you want to win, comedy contests can also be a great platform for testing new material in front of a live audience. You can gauge audience reactions and refine your material based on their responses. This process is crucial for developing a strong and versatile set.
  • 7. Motivation and Goal Setting:
  • - Setting a goal to participate in a comedy contest can serve as a motivational tool. It gives you a specific target to work towards, encouraging you to refine your act, create new material, and push yourself to improve.
  • 8. Learning Experience:
  • - The process of preparing for and participating in a contest is a valuable learning experience. It teaches you about the business side of comedy, how to market yourself, and the importance of professionalism in the industry. Every experience brings a new lesson. Lean in!
  • 9. Visibility on Social Media:
  • - Hey, didn’t we mention this earlier under “exposure”? Yeah, we did. But it’s worth mentioning again. Many comedy contests are covered on social media platforms, providing additional exposure for participants. Sharing your performances and achievements on social media can attract a broader audience and increase your online presence. Fun and Enjoyment:


10.  It’s fun! 

  • - Comedy contests are meant to be enjoyable. They offer a chance to have fun, connect with like-minded individuals, and celebrate the joy of making people laugh. Hey, having fun is a pretty darn good reason. Amiright?


The bottom line, entering comedy contests is a multifaceted opportunity that goes beyond just winning or losing. It's a chance to grow as a comedian, make valuable connections, and propel your career forward in the world of comedy.



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