10 Tips For Avoiding The Pitfalls of Using Your Phone for Comedy Shows

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Greetings, fellow comedians! In the world of virtual performing, technology plays a pivotal role in delivering impactful performances. While mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, we'd like to shed light on some of the pitfalls of using them for your online comedy shows. And… how to avoid said pitfalls. 


1. Limited Camera Quality:  Mobile phone cameras have come a long way, but dedicated cameras or webcams often provide superior image quality, especially in terms of resolution and low-light performance.

   Tip: While you can’t change the camera’s image quality, you can take extra care in setting up your lighting to improve the overall picture. Sometimes the simplest adjustments can make a significant improvement.  Here’s a tutorial video to help you. 


2. Inconsistent Stability:  Stabilization for handheld use on a mobile phone can be challenging, leading to shaky footage. This distracts your audience and undermines the professionalism of your presentation. 


   Tip: Invest in a mini tripod, or secure your phone using items in your environment. 

Tripod for less than $10 and another tripod for under $20. Here’s a fun video on DIY tripods with items you already have at home!


3. Limited Field of View:  Mobile phones have narrower fields of view compared to webcams or dedicated cameras. This restricts how much of your surroundings and body language your audience can see.

   Tip: Adjust your body movement to reflect your limited view. Take a few minutes to adjust your frame accordingly before your performance. 


4. Audio Quality Concerns:  Built-in microphones on mobile phones might not capture audio with the same clarity as external microphones. Audio quality is crucial for a seamless and immersive virtual experience. 


   Tip: You might consider a microphone that you can plug into your phone. Here are two examples for under $30 (Maybesta wireless lavalier or PQRQP Wireless Microphone , and you can find others for less. 


5. Reduced Interaction:  Mobile phones limit your ability to engage with your audience. Using a larger setup allows you to maintain eye contact, create better framing, and employ gestures more effectively. 

   Tip: Opt for more well written jokes and save your crowd work for another opportunity.

6. Screen Space for Notes:  Presenters often refer to notes or slides while speaking. A larger setup, like a computer or tablet, provides ample screen space for keeping your content organized without it being obvious to your audience. 


   Tip: Print out your notes and keep them next to your phone for easy reference. 


7. Professional Aesthetics:  Presenting with a mobile phone can lack the professional aesthetics that a dedicated camera or webcam provides. A well-framed, clear image contributes to your credibility as a speaker.

   Tip: By implementing some of the other tips in this post, you can avoid unprofessionalism with preparedness.


8. Distractions and Interruptions:  Using a mobile phone increases the likelihood of interruptions from incoming calls, messages, and notifications. These distractions disrupt your flow and connection with your audience.

   Tip: Disable all notifications and incoming calls before you log into the show!


9. Limited Multitasking:  Multitasking on a mobile phone during a presentation is more challenging than on a computer or tablet. You might struggle to manage chat interactions or multimedia elements seamlessly.

   Tip: Don’t multitask while performing. Give the audience your full attention and they’ll be more likely to give you theirs.


10. Impression on Audience:  Virtual audiences form impressions based on the quality of your setup. A mobile phone might convey a lack of investment in your presentation and hinder your ability to make a lasting impact.


   Tip: The audience cared enough to log into see you, care enough to give them a great experience. After all, we want them to come back!


While mobile phones are convenient and versatile tools, they might not provide the optimal setup for delivering compelling online shows. This is an opportunity to be more mindful in your show preparation so you can truly connect with your audience. 


While using dedicated cameras, webcams, or larger screens that offer better image quality, stability, and interaction can easily and instantly elevate your virtual presence, we know it’s not always possible. So do what you can to ensure that your message resonates powerfully and creates a memorable experience for your audience. 

Thank you for your attention and commitment to excellence in online comedy shows.

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