6 Reasons Plauzzable is the Best Platform for Online Comedy

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In recent years, comedians have adapted to new platforms to connect with their audiences. While Zoom has been popular for virtual events, Plauzzable has emerged as a preferable option because it was specifically designed for live comedy performances. Here’s 6 great reasons why comedians should consider Plauzzable over Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype/Google Meet for their next comedy event.


6 Reasons:

  1. Designed for Comedy by a Comedian
  2. Enhanced Performance Features
  3. Transparent Monetization and Management
  4. Features To Expand Your Reach
  5. Community and Networking
  6. Multiple Support Options



1. Designed for Comedy by a Comedian


Plauzzable was created by a comedian for comedians, offering features tailored to their needs. The platform provides scheduling tools, virtual stages, ticketing services, and the ability to grow a worldwide fan base. These features empower comedians to control their earning opportunities, while comedy fans gain access to a global talent pool and more personalized live online show selections and interactions.

2. Enhanced Performance Features


Scheduling Tools
Plauzzable simplifies event scheduling. Comedians can easily schedule free and paid comedy events through an user-friendly dashboard. Once scheduled, events are automatically shared publicly on both the comedian and fan dashboards and the comedian’s profile page, providing an instant public show listing making it easy for all users to register and purchase tickets.


Virtual Stage
The virtual stage on Plauzzable is designed with both performers and audiences in mind. Hosts appear in a larger video square and can bring guest performers to and from the virtual stage. Making the experience similar to a performer stepping onto an in-person stage, ensuring that the focus is on the comics.


The Virtual Front Row.
The Virtual Front Row feature allows comedians to read the room quickly and engage with audience reactions more effectively. Comedians can scroll through the audience, mimicking the experience of scanning a live crowd without interrupting their performance. There is no need to interrupt the flow of the performance to “click” to another screen to view more of the audience.


Audience Interaction
Plauzzable enhances audience interaction with features like optimized sound quality and real-time emoji reactions. Unlike Zoom’s general-purpose audio, Plauzzable ensures minimal to zero audio delay and cutouts, allowing comedians to hear audience laughter and applause in real time. This feature maintains the comedic timing crucial for effective performances.


3. Transparent Monetization and Management


Ticketing and Monetization
Plauzzable offers a streamlined ticketing system tailored for comedy shows, including different ticket tiers, promo codes, and easy checkout processes. This process makes it easy for comedians to monetize their content through pay-per-view events. 

Plauzzable has partnered with Stripe for secure checkout. The host comedian can create a connected account in a matter of minutes and receive 60% of all ticket sales their event generates. The remaining 40% covers all processing fees and Plauzzable services. There are no minimum number of tickets sold requirements. There is no minimum number of followers required. Simple and straightforward.


Security and Moderation
Plauzzable requires that each user create a free account. This is a security feature to prevent disruptions like “Zoom-bombing.” 


Hosting tools allow host and co-host comedians to manage the audience efficiently, mute disruptive attendees, and control who gets on the virtual stage.


Because each user has an account, comedians also have the ability to remove and block unwelcome visitors from their live event. 


Additionally, host comedians have the ability to make another user a co-host to aid in moderation.


4. Features To Expand Your Reach


Record, publish, download

Record your show, podcast, or new material you’re working on directly on Plauzzable. The host and co-hosts are able to easily control the distribution of any recorded content.  


Streaming to YouTube

If you’re looking to expand your reach and/or continue to monetize your performance, you can easily stream to YouTube. Start monetizing before you get to YouTube and invite your VIP fans to a live audience opportunity on Plauzzable. By doing so, the comedian gets instant audience response and doesn’t have to wait for likes or stop to read comments.


Post-Show Rating & Reviews
Receive testimonials from your fans! Built-in survey tools allow comedians to gather feedback after the show, helping them improve and adapt their performances based on real audience input.


Comedian Profile Pages
Registered comedians are encouraged to complete a comedian profile. This public-facing page (similar to a LinkedIn page, but for comedians) displays name, bio, types of comedy performed, location, upcoming online and in-person shows, customizable url, and a headshot and banner. 


Comedian Directory
Each comedian is displayed and searchable in the comedian directory which is accessible from the top navigation bar on the dashboard (tab labeled “All comedians”). This makes it easy for fans and industry professionals to discover new talent. Additionally, every new fan is asked to “follow” at least one comedian from the directory to populate the various sections on their dashboard.


5. Community and Networking


Plauzzable is more than a platform; it's a community for comedians. It offers networking opportunities with other comedians, industry professionals, and fans. Features include professional profile pages (public and shareable), virtual interactive comedy events, and a private Facebook group for further engagement.


6. Multiple Support Options


Live Online Help Sessions
Plauzzable offers weekly help sessions to answer tech questions and offer support to both comedians and comedy fans. These sessions are called “Plauzzable 101”s and are listed in the “Shows you might like” and “All shows” sections on the Comedy fans and comedian dashboards, respectively.


Tutorial Videos
Plauzzable provides short and step-by-step tutorial videos for the many features the platform offers. The videos are conveniently located on the Plauzzable site (click “Help” on the top navigation bar) and on our YouTube channel.


          Direct links: 

          Fan tutorials can be viewed here.
          Comedian tutorials can be viewed here.


Peer Support
Comedians can reach out to each other for peer support via the private Facebook Group for Plauzzable Comedians.


          Direct link:
          Registered comedians can join our private Facebook Group here.  




While Zoom and similar video conferencing services have been useful tools for virtual events, Plauzzable offers a more tailored and enhanced experience for live comedy. From specialized performance features and superior audience interaction to better monetization and community integration, Plauzzable meets the unique needs of comedians. By choosing Plauzzable, comedians can provide a more professional, engaging, and enjoyable experience for their audiences, ultimately helping them grow their fanbase and improve their craft.

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