Funny Money: Breaking Financial Barriers for Aspiring Comedians

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Let's welcome our guest blogger and money expert, Estelle Gibson!

While we often think about making people laugh and creating hilarious jokes, there's another important aspect to consider: managing your money. Meet Estelle Gibson, a seasoned expert with over 40 years of experience  helping people handle their  finances, especially artists like you.


Estelle knows the ups and downs of dealing with money, from overcoming past challenges to navigating tricky things like taxes and investments. She's here to share her wisdom to help you stay financially secure and worry-free.


In her upcoming blog posts, Estelle will talk about all sorts of money matters, specifically tailored for comedians like you who might be juggling multiple jobs and facing life's many twists and turns. Whether you're new to comedy or a veteran in the field, Estelle's advice is sure to help you fine-tune your financial strategy.


So, let's dive into Estelle's first article together.  

Get ready to boost your money skills and take charge of your financial future!



Funny Money: Breaking Financial Barriers for Aspiring Comedians

Ever feel like you're stuck in a not-so-funny rut when it comes to your money? Well, you are not alone. As a financial coach, I've seen many clients just like you that have big dreams, but they struggle with turning them into a reality. Whether it's living paycheck to paycheck, fighting with your partner over money, or constantly worrying about your bills, these symptoms are not uncommon.


But don’t worry, there is a solution! It's time to take control and rewrite your money story. But first let’s take a look at the root cause: financial dependency. Whether it's by choice or circumstance, being dependent on others or trapped in your situation can hold you back from reaching your comedy goals.


In personal relationships, financial dependency by choice can look like relying on parents or partners to manage your money. Or maybe you've moved back home to save money or to help your aging parents. In business, it might look like hiring professionals to handle your money matters, leaving you feeling disconnected from or left out of making your own financial decisions.


You can also find yourself in circumstances where you feel trapped – whether it's with a controlling partner, in a job where you're unhappy, or from unexpected life events like an illness or tragedy.


But here's the truth, you can break free from financial dependency. Whether you're dependent by choice or circumstance, you can create your financial future.  

Here’s a first step. Create a list of your financial symptoms.

  • - I’m always living paycheck to paycheck
  • - I keep fighting with my spouse or partner about money
  • - My car keeps breaking down
  • - I don’t have anything saved for retirement
  • - I have to keep using credit cards to pay my bills
  • - I keep getting late fees on my bills
  • - I have credit card debt

Once you make your list, review it and take a moment to reflect on your own situation – are you poor by choice or circumstance?


It can seem like a lot to identify the things you’re most worried about. But no worries, I’m here to help! Stay tuned for easy-to-follow steps coming this month to help you jumpstart your journey towards financial freedom, stability, and power. It's time to turn your financial woes into comedy gold!


So grab your notebook, your favorite joke, and get ready to rewrite your money story. The stage is set, and it's time for you to shine!



More About Estelle Gibson

Estelle Gibson is not your average financial expert. With a background as a CPA,  TED Speaker, International Best Selling Author, and Holistic Financial Coach, she brings over 40 years of professional experience to the table. Throughout her career, Estelle has navigated the intricate realms of finance, purchasing, and management, collaborating with individuals and companies across various sectors. From small, privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, Estelle's expertise has left an indelible mark on diverse industries.


However, Estelle's journey transcends mere numbers and spreadsheets. For nearly two decades, she has donned the mantle of a Holistic Financial Coach, guiding her clients towards a deeper understanding of their relationship with money. Her approach goes beyond budgets and investments; she empowers individuals to confront and conquer the limiting beliefs and fears that impede financial progress. Through personalized strategies and unwavering support, Estelle helps her clients break free from financial constraints, allowing them to realize their true potential and achieve their most cherished dreams.

In 2021, Estelle made her mark as an author with her debut book, "Rewrite Your Money Story Guided Journal," offering readers a transformative journey towards financial clarity. Building on this success, her second book, "Poor by Choice? Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth," soared to #1 Best Seller status in 2024, cementing her reputation as a beacon of insight and inspiration in the realm of personal finance.

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