Manage Disruptions Like A Pro In Your Online Comedy Performances

Performance Tips

Disruptions during an online comedy performance can feel like navigating a digital minefield while juggling virtual flaming torches. But fret not, our cyber jesters, for we’ve got some easy and effective tips to help you handle those unexpected curveballs like a seasoned comedy ninja.


1. Stay Zen in Cyberspace: When disruptions pop up, keep your cool and maintain your online composure. Your audience relies on you as the captain of this comedic voyage, so don't let them see you buffering. Take a deep breath, reboot if necessary, and carry on like the fearless digital humor warrior you are.

Remember the Dry Idea Deodorant “Never let them see you sweat” commercial with comedian Elayne Boosler in the 1980’s? Watch it here:

2. Confront It Digitally: Ignoring disruptions online is like ignoring a GIF of a dancing cat—it only makes things more awkward. Let’s admit it, a cat dance is a sight to be seen. Address the disruption with a quick, witty response or an emoji-filled nod. This not only defuses the virtual tension but also shows your audience that you're the master of this digital domain.

A host can quietly assist by using the host controls and mute noisy users or 

remove them from the virtual room without interrupting the comic or taking


The host will typically only jump in (on camera or the mic) if they see a

a comedian is bombing or is in danger. At this point, the set is over.

3. Keep the Online LOLs Rolling: Disruptions can throw off your online comedic timing faster than a glitchy livestream. But don't let them crash your virtual party entirely. Keep the laughs flowing by smoothly transitioning back into your material. Think of it as a comedic detour through the digital wilderness—annoying but ultimately inconsequential.


4. Engage with the Digital Disruptor (If Necessary): Sometimes, disruptions manifest as a rogue commenter or a cyber heckler. If the disruption persists, put on your diplomacy hat and engage with the disruptor in a playful yet firm manner. Remember, you're here to entertain the entire online audience, not just the troll in the comments.

Once again, the host can quietly assist by using the mute controls or remove a person from the virtual room.


5. Have Digital Backup Material: Like a savvy tech guru with a backup hard drive, always have some digital backup material ready to deploy in case of online emergencies. This could be a reliable crowd-pleaser from your digital repertoire. Having a comedic safety net can save the day when disruptions strike.


6. Turn It into Digital Gold: Sometimes, the best online comedy emerges from digital chaos. Embrace the disruption and mine it for comedic gold. Incorporate it into your set, riff on it with a comedic flair, or turn it into a recurring joke that keeps the online audience LOL-ing. See #3.

7. Know When to Move On: As much as we'd love to dwell in the digital comedic trenches, sometimes it's best to click away and move on. If a disruption threatens to crash your entire online set, smoothly transition to your next digital bit and leave the disruption in your rearview mirror (or browser history).

Remember, disruptions are just another part of the wild and wacky world of online comedy. Embrace them, conquer them, and turn them into digital fuel for your comedic firewalls. With a dash of wit, a sprinkle of emojis, and a whole lot of online resilience, you'll emerge victorious from even the most disruptive situations. Now, go forth and conquer the comedic cyberspace, my fellow digital jesters!

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