Show Spotlight: The Midweek Late-Night Show with Kelly Zemnickis

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Meet Kelly Zemnickis, comedian, documentary film producer, and host of The Midweek Late Night Show on Plauzzable.


Kelly is celebrating eight years as a stand-up comedian, and kindly recounted her two-part comedy journey with us. 


Starting as a teenager in Toronto, Kelly worked behind the scenes, managing stages and setting up lights. When she reached her 30s, she felt a calling to step into the spotlight and share her comedic talent. She describes it as a voice in her head saying, "Why aren't you telling jokes?


But it wasn’t until Kelly was 37, that she decided it was time to listen to those voices and pursue comedy. It was a life-changing conversation with a loved one who was seriously ill that catapulted Kelly onto the stage. She performed her first set and hasn't looked back since.


2016 proved to be a pivotal year. As Kelly embraced a new life in stand-up comedy, she was inspired by Jon Stewart. Listening to Jon, she gained a new awareness of the healthcare  struggles of 9/11 first responders. She was compelled to do more. She pitched her idea to John Feel, and spent the next 3 years producing her first documentary, "No Responders Left Behind". In 2022, the documentary was nominated for the Donald Brittain Award for best social or political documentary at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards


Kelly's creative journey continues both in person and online. She is now tackling her upcoming virtual Midweek Late-Night Show on Plauzzable. With no current Canadian-based late night show in the entertainment scene right now, Kelly sees an opportunity to fill the gap. 


The Midweek Late Night Show will debut February 7th at 10:30 p.m. Eastern. The monthly online show features Kelly as the host and The Velvet Duke as 2nd Chair.The 30-minute show promises chats with a variety of guests with improvised musical accompaniment from The Velvet Duke (full bio),an award-winning lyrical comedian. The show aims to bring diverse voices and creative friends to the forefront, creating an engaging and entertaining experience.


Kelly emphasizes the importance of backing local comedy and living artists, promising a mix of serious topics and laughter in her shows.Montreal-based comedian and storyteller, Monica Hamburg, will be the show’s inaugural guest. 


Kelly Zemnickis' journey from behind-the-scenes comedy to a celebrated stand-up comedian, documentary filmmaker, and now a late-night show host is truly inspiring. Her creative ventures reflect a commitment to "just do the thing" and share laughter with the world.


Don't miss the debut of The Midweek Late Night Show on Plauzzable. Wednesday, February 7, 2024. Get ready for an evening filled with laughter, music, and engaging conversations. See you there!

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