Why Show Descriptions and Graphics Matter in Comedy Promotion

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As the entertainment industry continues to thrive on online platforms, performers must recognize the significance of their virtual presence and understand the importance of sharing a good show description and graphic. The success of a comedy show hinges not only on the comedians' talent but also on their ability to effectively promote their shows. For those who might cringe at the idea of self-promotion, take note of the celebrities who continually share their upcoming events on social media, podcasts, radio, and television shows. 


Promotion plays an integral role in a performer’s success. Competition is fierce and the fear of missing out (FOMO) is real in our growing world of online entertainment. If a performer (especially a newbie or unknown name) doesn’t care about their upcoming show enough to tell anyone about it, they can’t expect anyone else to either. 


In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of performers putting their best foot forward by crafting compelling show descriptions and graphics to compel fans to attend their shows.


First impressions are crucial, and in the world of comedy, a captivating show description serves as the first point of contact between performers and potential audience members. A well-written show description sets the tone for the event, giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect and enticing them to attend. Whether it's a brief overview of the lineup, a teaser of the material to be performed, or a quirky anecdote to pique curiosity, a compelling show description grabs attention and leaves fans eager for more. If the only selling point is that it’s FREE, set your expectations accordingly. Even for free, people value their time. 


Share a compelling show description: “Join us for a night of stand-up  and an opportunity to say  'I saw it first!'  Jane Doe will perform her latest jokes (about her divorce from John, of course) as she prepares for her upcoming Netflix Special. Special guests include Saw Dust Dan (winner of Building Comedy Contest 2023) and Mighty Mike (Showtime and Late Night With David Letterman). AND…fans have the opportunity to ask questions during a VIP Q&A session at the end! You do NOT want to miss the fun.

Or share an equally compelling description for an open mic:
"Comedians have the opportunity to perform 6-minute sets at this friendly and supportive open mic. Comics will perform in the order they arrive an are encouraged to stay until the end. This is a great space for meeting new comics from around the globe and we usually have a few minutes to socialize at the end. If you're new, show up a few minutes early to get familiar with the room and ask questions. No limit on topics or content - everything and everyone's welcome here - audience too!"


But a great show description is only half the battle; pairing it with an eye-catching graphic takes promotion to the next level. In today's visually-driven society, a striking graphic can make all the difference in grabbing the attention of potential attendees as they scroll through their social media feeds or browse event listings. Whether it's a cleverly designed poster, a humorous meme, or a captivating photo collage, a well-crafted graphic reinforces the message of the show description and leaves a lasting impression on fans.


Some additional notes on a great show poster:


  • Consider the size and where this will be displayed online.
    • -     Website. How much screen space will be allotted? Will text be added over or next to the graphic? Depending on space, consider making the graphic with more or less text.
    • -     Social media. Think about what needs to be on the poster and what should be included in the caption - or both? Remember most people are viewing social media on their phones so font size makes a difference.


Furthermore, sharing a good show description and graphic not only attracts fans but also enhances the overall experience for attendees. By providing them with a clear idea of what to expect, performers can set expectations and ensure that audience members are excited and engaged from the moment they arrive at the venue. This not only leads to higher attendance rates but also fosters a positive atmosphere that benefits both performers and audience members alike.


It’s also important to explain terms that an average audience member may not understand. A quick explanation of the “open mic” or “jam” man does not seem necessary to an experienced comedian, but to a potential audience member, it makes a huge difference. Knowing that comedians of any level may show up to perform is considerably different then showing up expecting A-List level talent. A good host/producer will be sure to share this information in the promotion.


In addition to enticing fans to attend their shows, sharing compelling show descriptions and graphics also helps performers build their brand and cultivate a loyal fan base. Consistently delivering high-quality content and memorable performances establishes performers as reliable and entertaining, encouraging fans to attend future shows and spread the word to their friends and followers. This organic word-of-mouth promotion is invaluable in driving ticket sales and expanding a performer's reach within the comedy community.


Adversely, word-of-mouth on poor performances tends to travel even faster. Taking the time to set appropriate expectations in the promotion can prevent unnecessary disappointment. Once the expectation has been set, it’s important to meet it. Even if a small handful of people attend the event, perform the show you advertised. If the comedian shows disappointment in the turnout, or even worse says something like, “since there’s a small turnout, we’re going to treat this as a mic and work out new material,” the performer should expect nothing short of a disappointed audience. The performer just told their only audience that they’re not valued. The same can be said for open mics and jams. Even if the turnout is small, the performer should deliver on their promise.


In conclusion, the benefits of performers sharing a good show description and graphic are undeniable. From attracting fans and enhancing the attendee experience to building brand recognition and cultivating a loyal fan base, effective promotion plays a crucial role in the success of comedy shows. By putting their best foot forward and investing time and effort into crafting compelling show descriptions and graphics, performers can elevate their performances, boost ticket sales, and leave a lasting impression on audiences long after the laughter has subsided.


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