Best Online Open Mics

We created a list of our 5 favorite and best online comedy open mics on Plauzzable. 


In case you missed the entire COVID-19 pandemic, many comedy open mics moved online and have since remained there. Comedians have used existing technologies such as Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. Since the launch of Plauzzable in December 2022 comedians have been migrating from the popular workplace conferencing software to the comedy-centric platform, Plauzzable.  


If you’re not familiar with online open mics, picture this: it's a virtual stage where comedy enthusiasts, amateurs, and seasoned pros alike come together to share their humor with the world. It's like a comedy club, but without the two-drink minimum, and you can wear your pajamas.

The online open mic is a magical place where laughter knows no boundaries. Here's why it's so important:


 - Accessibility: You don't need to live in a big city with a thriving comedy scene to participate. Anyone, from anywhere, can join in. So whether you're a small-town jester or a big-city comic, your jokes can reach a global audience.


 - Inclusivity: Online open mics break down barriers. You don't need to be a polished stand-up comedian to give it a shot. Newcomers, veterans, and everyone in between are welcome. It's a platform where diverse voices can be heard.


 - Practice Makes Perfect: Comedians need an audience to hone their craft. Online open mics provide the perfect opportunity to try out new material, work on timing, and perfect your punchlines. Every laugh or groan helps you refine your act.


 - Feedback: Audiences at online open mics often give real-time feedback. It's like having a focus group of comedy enthusiasts helping you fine-tune your material. Many online open mics encourage peer-to-peer feedback and/or have a workshop format. Even if a mic is run like a show, the chatbox is your friend.


 - Global Reach: The online open mic isn't limited by geography. You can reach a global audience by exposing your jokes to people from different cultures, backgrounds, and senses of humor.


 - Community: Comedy can be a solitary pursuit, but the online open mic creates a sense of community among comedians. You can connect with fellow jokesters, share experiences, and even collaborate on material. This is a great way to network outside of your geographic region, especially if you’re looking to travel and book shows on the road.


 - No Hecklers: You can mute hecklers with a single click! Online open mics spare you from those pesky drunks in the back row who think they're funnier than you.


Our list of favorite virtual open mics on Plauzzable includes:


1. Pink Flamingo Comedy Open Mic. Join Michele Durante  as she hosts a festive and fun evening of comedy. This friendly and supportive mic offers comedians five minutes to work on their sets (sometimes longer if they have Michele in stitches!). Audience members are always welcome to this super supportive weekly online open mic.

     - Weekly, Tuesdays 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST


2. unfinished. This monthly virtual open mic is hosted by Kelly Zemnickis  and is ideal for those joke ideas that never went anywhere. Comics are likely to still have jokes that were written in the early days of the pandemic that might make NO sense now... but they refuse to toss those uncovered gems!! Instead, they bring those seeds and plant them in Kelly’s open mic and give them another chance to take root. Comedians of all levels are encouraged to bring their old set lists and come on down! 

     - Monthly, dates vary, check show listings for details


3. Barry’s Open Mic. This afternoon of laughs is hosted by Barry Weisenberg. If comedians want an online open mic where they can try out new material in a safe environment or punch up their act, please check out Barry’s supportive room. Barry also invites comics who might not have anything specific to work on to join in and participate in the peer-to-peer feedback or just observe. This week is home to many comics who return week after week. 

     - Weekly, Saturdays, 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST


4. Casual Comedy Open Mic. This weekly online open mic is hosted by Leanne Linsky. It’s also a continuation of the long-running New York City Open Mic, Casual Sketch. Comedians of all levels and fans are welcome. Each comedian will receive 5 minutes to perform their set. Comedians - show up to sign up. Work out new material. Practice your old material. Share some laughs!

     - Weekly, Mondays, 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST


5. Newbie Night Open Mic. Whether you’re new to Plauzzable, comedy, or both, join the fun at this virtual open mic designed for you to meet, mingle, and laugh. Introductions are made, jokes are told, and conversation unfolds. Come prepared to laugh. We look forward to getting to know you! YES - REGULARS ARE WELCOME, TOO! Hosted by Leanne Linsky.

     - Monthly, dates vary, check show listings for details


So there you have it, folks! The online open mic is a comedy revolution that's changing the game. It's a digital playground where laughter reigns supreme, where comedians of all backgrounds come together to share their wit and wisdom. It's an essential platform for aspiring jesters and a lifeline for comedy in the digital age. So, whether you're a comedian or a comedy lover, don't miss out on the hilarity – join the online open mic and let the laughter flow!

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